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Magic System

Intrinsic Magic- This magic is internal and natural to a particular being, like demon and dragons. The manifestation of such magic depends heavily on the type of creature it belongs to, and much of the time the use of it is instinctual and unconscious, but can also be used consciously. Many users of this magic can also use other forms, usually to amplify their own magic. Humans do not have intrinsic magic and must rely on other forms.

Symbolic Magic- This type of magic relies on symbols and focuses to channel power. It can take many forms, for instance Javanshin uses cards as his primary magical focus. Magical circles, wands, and staves are all very popular as well. Often this magic has to have a very specific outcome in mind for it to work, and thus a very specific process to go through, but it is versatile and can be intertwined with other magics.

Clerical Magic- This magic is the magic of the gods. It is often wielded by the priests, and less often by a special favorite of the deity. The sphere of influence of the god determines what types of spells the caster can use: for instance, followers of Lotos the god of light can use healing, but followers of Justinian the demon god cannot. Bardic magic is also clerical magic, belonging to Evidral, the god of music and poetry.

Elemental Magic- Elemental magic calls upon the spirits of nature that reside in everything. Most people have an affinity to a specific element and can only use elemental magic from that sphere, but some can use more than one if they are especially in touch with the land. This magic is often used in conjunction with symbolic magic.